Teaching at the University of Maryland

TLPL 788X: Policy Analysis of the Education Workforce (Spring 2021)

TLPL 765: Quantitative Applications in Education Policy Analysis (Fall 2020)

Teaching at Brown University

I was one of the designers and instructors for the Annenberg Undergraduate Fellows for Education and Social Policy, an eight-week, paid summer fellowship that aims to prepare Brown undergraduates to engage in rigorous empirical research in education and social policy. During the course of the program, a cohort of 8-10 Fellows engage in a series of didactic workshops and seminars and participate experientially in team-based research projects that focus on schools, students, and education policy. Fellows are exposed to and interact with a wide range of Brown faculty who are working in these domains. The team-based project environment emphasizes mentorship and peer learning. The program otherwise fosters a dynamic and supportive intellectual community and an enduring relationship with the Annenberg Institute.